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Rick & Nancy Monsipapa – Sales Coaching 101

We always start a session with a white board and get input from our audience on any sales challenge they are currently having. To Survive and Thrive you need a Plan, then a strategy with a pipeline and then metrics to measure your results. Too many sales folks are on a wing and a prayer with no plan.

Personal / Business Bio

Rick & Nancy have over forty years of combined selling experience. They are speakers, authors, podcasters and sales coaches. You can hear them breakdown simple sales challenges on their weekly podcast "Nail the Sale". Both Rick and Nancy have been serial entrepreneurs for years and have had multiple businesses over the years. Rick owned a chain of coffee houses and was a corporate sales trainer for a leading construction software company and Nancy owned her own concrete company and sold enterprise solutions to top ENR 100 construction companies. Rick and Nancy are both active Real Estate investors and always enjoy hunting for new markets and negotiating new deals.

Contact Info

Phone: 813-210-2695

Email: Rmonsipapa@gmail.com     Nancy@NailTheSales.com

Website: www.nailthesales.com www.yourlocalrealtor.us


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